RUBrub is the perfect rub for where you rub so you don’t rub!

Friction proof.
This rub has the ultimate staying power; not to mention, it’s handmade 100% with natural and/or wild harvested ingredients. Check it out:

SHEA BUTTER // Natural occurring vitamins and fatty acids protect, nourish, and moisturize, helping support the skin to prevent present and future chafing.

PIÑON PITCH // This bit of tree magic is full of broad spectrum antiseptic/antimicrobial properties that work hard to prevent skin infection and soothe irritation like no other gift from nature can.

BEESWAX // Beeswax helps provide that much needed staying power. It also acts as a skin protectant by locking out moisture thereby reducing friction.

COCOA BUTTER // While nourishing and hydrating the skin, cocoa butter improves elasticity and provides a protective barrier, reducing the risk for chafing.

ARROWROOT POWDER // In this formulation, arrowroot powder is added to make the balm less oily with less risk for staining. But did you know, arrowroot powder contains a healthy level of B vitamins.

CASTOR OIL // Castor oil heals and moisturizes the skin, and is an effective antibacterial agent.

RUBrub comes in a classic tin perfect for application to all the nooks-n-crannies and more like a cream consistency. Our stick form is perfect for warmer weather, hands-free application.

Runner's High RUBrub Balm | anti-chafe and blister prevention 1.75 oz Stick


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